Tasting Notes 2014

Tasting Notes for all our beers
Amarillo Gold 4.4% A straw coloured bright wheat beer with a light biscuit base, a distinct orange bouquet and an intense citrus flavour.
American Nut Brown Ale 4.7% A big brown brash beer with bags of bitterness from three American hops.
Bavarian Black 4.9% A German style black beer with smooth chocolate flavours and moderate bitterness and spicy hop flavours.
Bavarian Gold 4.2% A German Helles style beer with golden malt base from Vienna malt and a mild spicy hop character from noble German hops.
Blackberry Cascade 4.8% An American style pale ale with good bitterness from Cascade and Centennial hops, infused with a hint of blackberry.
Cascade Pale Ale 4.8% An American style pale ale with the good bitterness, piney, resinous aromas and the citrus and grapefruit flavours of the Cascade and Centennial hop.
Cascadian Black 4.8% A black IPA with the roast malt flavours of a stout and the bitterness and fresh pine and citrus grapefruit flavours of the Cascade hop.
Celebration Ale 6.5% First brewed Dec 2013 to celebrate the visit to the Brewery by HRH The Princess Royal in January 2014. Celebration Ale is a quintessentially English strong golden ale with hints of malt sweetness balanced by a blend of four English hops.
Challenger Special 5.2% A strong English Ale with complex toffee and roast flavours and good spicy bitterness of the Challenger hop.
Cream Stout 4% A silky smooth full bodied stout with balanced roast flavours and a hing of sweetness. Contains lactose.
Crystal Red 4.4% English best bitter, deep red colour, with crystal malt providing rich toffee flavours balanced with the herby spiciness of Fuggle and Challenger hops.
Dark Matter 3.8% A smooth, full bodied, chocolate coloured dark mild with rich roast malt flavours balanced with the herby spiciness of Fuggle hops.
Dockfield Porter 5% A reddish black porter with roast malt aroma and chocolate and nut flavours. Spicy bitterness from the Bramling Cross hops.
Elderflower Blonde 4% A refreshing blonde ale delicately infused with the flavour of elderflower.
Empress IPA  5% Traditional English pale ale with good malt base, strong bitterness and the marmalade citrus flavours of the Golding hop.
Hazelnut Coffee Porter 4.6% A smooth, dark red porter with German malts and hops.  Additions of fresh ground coffee and roast hazelnut syrup give this speciality beer, depth and complexity.
Hop #256 5% Full flavoured pale ale, with strong citrus hop flavours from exciting new US hop #256.
Hopfen IPA 5.7% A pale gold IPA with spicy rye malt and a big blend of three spicy German hops.
Juniper Rye 4.2% A deep yellow coloured ale with citrus aroma and the spicy, fruit flavour of whole juniper berries. Balanced bitterness. Malted rye adds further spice complexity to the flavours.
Madagascan Ale 5% A pale, hoppy beer full of tropical fruit flavours and aromas including guava and pineapple.
New World Red 5.2% A deep red malty ale with firm bitterness & citrus notes from blended Australian, American and New Zealand hops.
Raspberry Blonde 4% Refreshing blonde ale, delicately infused with the flavour of raspberries.
Saltaire Blonde 4% A straw coloured lager ale with creamy, soft malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties for modest bitterness and slight spice flavour.
Saltaire Pride 3.9% A classic English pale bitter, with light malt base and spicy fruitiness from the Challenger, Bramling Cross and Cascade hops.
South Island Pale 3.5% A clean beer with cool, crisp, fruitiness from New Zealand hops grown at Tasman Bay.
Sovereign Harvest 4.8% Pale gold ale, fresh Yorkshire grown hops. Picked on Tuesday and brewed Wednesday. Floral and herbal flavours.
Stateside IPA 6.0% American style IPA with a rich gold base and Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial hops providing firm balancing bitterness and full fruity, citrus flavours.
Trio Pale 4.5% Classic pale ale with three American hops providing good bitterness and strong citrus flavours.
Triple Chocoholic 4.8% Chocolate malts and chocolate essence combines to provide a strong chocolate bouquet and a rich chocolate flavour. Good hopping provides a balancing bitterness.
Tyke’s Gold 4.4% A golden ale with a biscuit malt base and citrus and spicy hop flavours from a blend of American and Slovenian hops.
White Christmas 4.5% (5.8% in bottle and keg) A pale refreshing beer made with pale rye and Vienna malts.  Light hop flavours are enhanced with coriander seeds and orange peel added to the final boil.
Winter Ale 4.9% A traditional strong bitter with rich malty base and residual sweetness from a blend of malts and moderate balancing bitterness from Brambling Cross and Northdown hops.